Agent Education:
Bachelor’s of Science – University of Illinois at Chicago (Finance and Economics)
Master’s of Science – DePaul University (Information Systems)

Area of Expertise in Chicago Area:
South Loop, West Loop, Streeterville, Bridgeport, Evanston, Glenview, and Northbrook

Languages Spoken:
Chinese, Mandarin, Cantonese, and Malay

Fining dining and world traveling

Neighborhood Specialty:
South Loop, West Loop, Gold Coast
Additional Languages Spoken: Mandarin, Cantonese, Malay


1823 S. Michigan Ave.
Chicago, IL 60616

Phone: 312.375.7655
Fax: 847.261.0129

Lifetime sales: $43 Million
Last updated 01/01/2019

Additional Languages Spoken: , , ,

YEE NG Reviews

55 Reviews

  • "There's absolutely no way you can go wrong with working with Yee. She's extremely responsive, has very effective communication and is attentive to details and your preferences. Unlike other brokers, her suggestions to you seldom exceed your budget or what you ask of her. In other words, she puts you in front of herself.Every interaction I've had with her is personal, kind, friendly and super helpful. There cannot be a better broker especially if you're just starting off buying a place and with minimal prior experience. She would explain everything to you from top to bottom with immense patience. I've dealt with others from different agencies and companies, and none had been as professional, efficient and helpful as Yee had been." - Amanda Xiang, Magnificent Mile Chicago, IL (buyer)
  • "The nicest and best realest estate agent you'll find out there. Has all the connections in terms of home inspections and repairs as well! Took great care of us and drove us around to find the perfect home. She will tell you which homes are good and which are bad with complete honesty."
  • "Ms. Ng is probably the best real estate agent I have retained. I am an attorney who have seen deals.She has deep knowledge of my interested neighborhoods, and various buildings' pros and cons; Ms. Ng is smart, creative, prompt, hard-working patient and meticulous; finally, she likes to find great deals.Ms. Ng found and helped me purchase a condo in River North considerably below market price! As a result, I have made several referrals to Ms. Ng already." - Phl Lam (buyer)
  • "As my agent, Yee helped me through all the processes of purchasing a unit. She explained to me, in details, a lot of terminologies as it's my first time buying, which helps me build trust in her. Also, she lets me think independently, lays out all the pros and cons, and provides professional  opinions but not try to influence/convince me. It couldn't have gone smoothly without her five-star service. You rock, girl!"
  • "A person we can rely on about real estates." - Ricky Fan (seller)
  • "I came across Yee through Zillow when my wife and I were looking for a knowledgeable agent who knows the South Loop / West Loop area really well. We shortlisted Yee along with another agent that was recommended by a mutual friend. We subsequently met with both separately, and assessed each by  viewing a few condos. We felt Yee was far more client-focused, more responsive and helpful in terms of the buying process, especially in our case as a first time home buyer. We then went exclusive with Yee as our agent and she showed us more than 20 possible properties in South Loop and West Loop. We like that she went above and beyond by providing not only comps./data analytics, but also advised us on valuation, negotiation dynamics with seller and how to get value out of our attorney, etc. by making sure contracts are properly vetted/reviewed and diligence is comprehensive on any unusual items (special assessments, condo inspection findings, etc.). We ultimately placed an offer and was in the middle of contract review, when Yee found a superior option that was priced much less, but she knew it was a good fit for my wife and I - we immediately pulled out of the first process and proceeded with the cheaper unit which met all our criteria - a true testament of Yee's integrity and fiduciary focus since she could have received a larger commission with the more expensive property that was under contract, but instead she found us a better property that was cheaper because Yee was focused on our bottom line and what we wanted, vs. advising us to pursue a more expensive unit (and overpaying for it). As a professional in finance, I value integrity, independent advice and experience, and we were fortunate to find all these qualities in Yee; within 2 months of working efficiently with her, we closed on our first home purchase in the summer of 2016. We would readily recommend Yee for her services and market knowledge, especially if you're considering South Loop, West Loop and downtown Chicago."
  • "She showed me one listing and it was exactly what I wanted and she closed the deal. YAS!!!" - Teddy Moy, Chicago, IL (buyer)
  • "Thanks for your help!!" - Wing Sze lo (seller)
  • "Would recommend Yee Ng to anyone. Excellent job!" - Todd, Chicago , IL (buyer)
  • "Very attentive and helpful" - Felix Wong, Schaumburg, IL (buyer)
  • "Yee is amazing! She held our hand through the entire process of buying a home and made something that could have been very stressful, a positive and memorable experience! When we acted impulsively over the first home we saw, instead of just taking our money, she talked us back to reality so we could  regroup to find something better, which we did! Yee is very responsive to any concerns or requests and will work harder than any other realtor you'll meet. We came in contact with Yee through one of my good friend. As a first time buyer, we were very much confused and tensed. But she made the entire process smooth and easy for us. Even though she was on her personal vacation outside the country she was coordinating with attorney & sellers through emails and text messages. We had an amazing experience working with Yee! We Highly recommend!"
  • "Great experience! As foreign buyers, we have little knowledge in property purchasing procedures. Fortunately Yee helps us go through all the process patiently and nicely, she is very helpful and responsible."
  • "Yee has been super helpful in our process of buying an apartment in Evanston. Not only did she negotiate a fair price for us, she also continued to help us find contractors to refurnish the condo after the deal closed. Very good experiences working with her!"
  • "Nicole helped us with every detail involved and purchasing the property - she has sufficient knowledge on the subject matter, and she is very diligent on problem shooting. I would recommend her to a friend."
  • "I came to Chicago just a year ago, and Yee has became one of my most trustworthy, helpful, honest and supportive friend. She understands what you need and gives you advice upon that, but also is not afraid in pointing out your logical flaws and therefore help you learn more as to what you want and  what you need in houses/apartment hunting. She researches immensely well and is visibly well respected and recognised by her colleagues, other real estate agents and even condominium doormen and managers. Her helpfulness didn't only stop at my finalised purchase - she also introduced me to contractors, designers, friends and basically anything else that I need in order to remodel and design the place. She is perhaps the best agent you can ever get for yourself."
  • "Overall Customer Experience: I thoroughly enjoyed working with Yee. She was professional and personable, easily accessible and responsive. She made the home buying process easy and exciting for this 1st time homebuyer. Her sales approach made me feel like my interests and happiness were her main  priority. She was extremely knowledgeable of facts about the location, developments in process, and the market in general. I’m happy I had the opportunity to work with her and recommended her to others and they all agree that she is great to work with! Personable/Professional Demeanor: I met Yee at the very first open house I went to. She was very attentive and personable, asking relevant questions to figure out what I was looking for. After we finished talking about the unit she asked if I was interested in seeing more places. I told her I was going out of town but would be back in a week and maybe I’d be interested. She asked if it would be alright to contact me and I agreed. About a week or so later she texted me and asked how my vacation was. I was happy to hear she remembered and cared enough to ask. I told her more about the type of condo units I was looking for and she sent me some suggestions. Subject Matter Expertise: This was my first time buying a home and she made the process so easy to understand. She had no problem going over all the details of the home buying process and even sent me some flowcharts and reading materials in case I needed further explanation, which I didn’t because she helped me understand everything herself. Further, Yee was very familiar with the area I was looking at and even knew about future developments that were slated to take place. She made sure to let me know to take into account how different my views would be once the new developments were complete. She also made sure to point out certain things in units and ask questions that I probably wouldn’t have thought to ask myself. She also wasn’t afraid to say a unit was priced too high/low based on comparables. Accessibility/Promptness: Yee was very, very attentive and easy to reach. I especially liked the way we were able to work together. Often times it’s easier for me to text someone rather than pick up the phone and call and that made working with her so easy. We’d send each other pictures and links to properties and within minutes she’d let me know that my showing was set up. I was able to reach her at any hour and even on weekends. It was very easy to schedule showings and she was very flexible with my schedule…even picked me up a few times from work to make it easier on me! Sales Approach: Never once did I feel like Yee pushed me to settle on something or make an offer that was too high or aggressive. She wanted me to find the home of my dreams and she definitely made me feel that way. She didn’t sugar coat a unit’s shortcomings to try and convince me to make an offer; she wanted me to be in love with the place before deciding to make an offer. She was truly working for me and had my best interests at heart."
  • "Yee was incredible to work with! She kept our search focused on exactly what we were looking for so it didn't feel overwhelming. She was a pleasure to communicate with- always responding promptly and comprehensively. She had our needs front and center throughout, which we really appreciated. What  started as a daunting task, turned into a breeze and once we found her we found the apartment of our dreams."
  • "She is an excellent agent. She arrived on time or even earlier for every appointment. She communicated with us efficiently. She took care every steps for us while our offer was accepted."
  • "I had great experience with Yee. She is very friendly, knowledgeable, professional and responsive. She did an awesome job listing my Condo. You will not be disappointed. Look forward to using her service again in the future."
  • "If buying a home is a lifetime investment decision, Yee Ng will be the only one I will recommend. I am from Hong Kong. I buy investment properties in different countries. She is the one I can totally reply on. Analysing with estimated return, objective and subjective judgement with data support.  Instant response by email and whatsapp. I can find all information I want before purchase. She takes care my business trip to Chicago and it was the best experience I had on all my business trips. I will definitely recommend Yee to all my friends and family."
  • "From my experiences with agents in two major states, Nicole is by far the BEST real estate agent I've encountered. She gets deals done! She's quite knowledgeable, extremely prompt, diligent, resourceful and honest. She looks out for her client's best interest, not her own. She's usually  quite knowledgeable not only about her covered neighborhoods but also pros and cons of many buildings in the neighborhoods. As a bonus, she also has insight on rules and practices of condo homeowner associations and lenders. In approximately one month, I locked into a good deal with Nicole's assistance. Without reservation, I highly recommended and will contribute to recommend Nicole to friends and family. I am quite happy with Nicole's prompt and expert representation."
  • "I had great experiences with Yee. She is friendly and professional. She did a fantastic job helping me find a condo in south loop area. She always tell me which condo is worth to buy and the price really worth. She know the market very well, I think is because she has been in Chicago for more  than 10 years. After I bought the condo with Yee, I also recommended Yee to my uncle (who are looking for a condo in Chicago too). I want to Thanks Yee for the great job she done. So, find Yee for your real estate need and you will not be disappointed."
  • "Yee is a very good, professional and highly responsible agent . She will doing very good research for what you looking for. She can answer all question , all concern that about the unit we looking for. She never come late for showing -She will help us to fight a good deal -she had a  very good "after sales service " We start search a condo in west loop for investment."
  • "Yee is a friendly, knowledgeable, experienced and patient realtor. She showed us different styles of condos. We would not be able to purchase the property without her efforts. Great job, Yee and thank you for all you have done for us."
  • "She was very easy to work with and responded very quickly to call, email and text. She was Very knowledgeable as well and was able to answer any questions I had."
  • "Yee was very active in reaching out to us and responding to our questions. She was very helpful in securing the property for us by ensuring clear communication between us and the lessor's agent."
  • "Yee is awesome, always follows up and replies to emails. She's very friendly and knew information about areas I never heard of before. We're still hunting for that perfect home and happy to work with her."
  • "I am extremely happy about my experience working with Yee. It felt that she was working on my behalf since the moment we met. She is a very responsive and hard-working realtor. Yee's work style provides the perfect balance of advise and respect for your decision-making independence. She is  sensitive to your personal needs and quickly understands and adapts to your own style. As a first time home buyer, the process proved to be a learning experience. And for that, Yee provided me with knowledge and suggestions appropriate to the circumstances throughout. At the same time, she made sure I felt I was in control of the situation at all times. By the time we found the right home and negotiations started, she knew how to set the right pace in the best of me and my family's interest."
  • "Yee was great! We had previously dealt with another broker for about two months and it was such a slow process, taking days to write back or find out what we needed. Yee was very prompt and attentive from the start. She was very organized and considerate of our time. She will work hard for you and  be with you every step of the way. I can't think of a more efficient broker."
  • "She is very knowledgeable, kind and professional. She does her best to get the best deal for you! She was always responsive and knew many good attorneys and inspectors!"
  • "For personal reason, I'm really hard to get approved by landlord, and Yee helped me a lot on this. She has patience on every details, just want to make sure things going well. Great realtor, and you can totally trust her."
  • "I worked with Yee for over a month while looking for an apartment in Evanston. I found Yee extremely responsive and easy to work with. I reached out to her regarding a specific apartment, and when that apartment ended up not working out, she continued to help me throughout the process. For a over a  month Yee regularly sent me new apartment listing and refined the search based on what I was specifically looking for. When a listing came up that I was interested in, she responded immediately and helped me submit my application as quickly as possible. I would definitely recommend Yee as a real estate agent. She was professional, enjoyable to work with, and focused on helping me find the right apartment."
  • "Yee helped me to look for an apartment to rent. She was very available and proactive. She understood what I wanted and only showed options that suited my profile. Yee was very respectful when I told her that I had chosen an apartment that was not on her list."
  • "Yee (Nicole) is a great agent. She is able to grasp my requirements quickly and show me the relevant properties. There were times when she said don't bother about this one and I felt I should have seen the property. However I later realized that the property had issues so she was right. Overall  very responsive and truly works for the best interest of the clients. She also has bag of tips to help save money and make the deal move faster and help get the best price."
  • "Very pleasant! Her responsiveness is excellent. She will be there anytime, anywhere when you need her. To me, she's more like a friend instead of an agent. I always receive honest opinions from her."
  • "Yee was knowledgeable and very easy to work with. She responded quickly and was flexible with both of our work schedules throughout the process. I would recommend working with Yee. Negotiation was not a strong suit. We are happy with our place, but signing a multi-year lease should have  result in a monthly decrease in rent."
  • "Ms Yee Ng is one of the best Realtor I have ever worked with. She started guiding us from the moment that we want to rent our house. Assisted us through the whole process, which helps me and my wife a lot during our busy life. I would recommend Ms Yee Ng to you without any doubt."
  • "We worked with Yee and she was amazing throughout the entire process. She is extremely attentive and professional; as well as providing very quick responses to any questions we had. She is also very knowledgeable to what we were looking for in a West Loop condo, helped us to meet our  target budget, and negotiated the price for our benefits. We highly recommend using Yee!"
  • "Yee is an excellent real estate professional! She follows through on every detail - the listing agreement, photos of the property, showings, the contract, and more. She returns phone calls and responds to emails promptly. She is responsible, reliable, and practical. I highly recommend her."
  • "Yee had contacted me to assist in my search. I was unsure whether I should rent or buy and Yee gave me excellent advice without being pushy. We toured around 10 places before I made my decision. I look forward to working with Yee again in the future!"
  • "This was our first home and we are glad we had Nicole in our corner. Nicole was very patient with us as we viewed various homes before settling on this one. She's a complete package. Being first time home owners, Nicole walked us through the buying process, recommended us the home  inspector( wonderful fellow Mark), lawyer ( Dan) and also helped us with getting the best mortgage ( with Citibank - 3.125 @ 15 yr fixed). With Nicole in our corner, we didn't have to worry about anything. Thanks Nicole for being for us."